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Curt Fenske
Born in California
50 years
Family Tree
Miriam Quinones thinking of our dear friend February 19, 2016
Somehow, this morning Curt's smiling face came to my mind. I found myself 
thinking of him so much while having a morning cup of coffee. We worked together in Carlsbad some years ago in real estate so my hope was to track him down today and surprise him with a call. I searched, and I found him. Realizing his departure has taken the beat off my heart.

I took a deep breath and thought of his parents knowing how much devotion and love he had for them wishing I could give them a hug. Perhaps they also were  having a cup of coffee in their balcony like me, at this moment of the morning, looking west towards the Pacific where far and beyond Curt dances on the surf, by the beach of Hawaii.

I remember him showing me his home. He had lots of pictures on the wall, one of them of himself taken in the 70's. I can remember his voice and laughter, his kindness and sense of fun, telling in those years he had big hair like Leo Sayer,lol!

I realize I'm seven and a half years late in writing this post but then I also know in the spiritual realm time is the everpresent, the unchanging eternal, so I'm not late. Curt will always remain present in my heart and mind and I forever will be grateful for the days we shared in friendship.

God bless you all today and forever. Ahola, Curt! Send you my love! Innocent I'll sing you a song with my ukelele today, the Hawaiian song "I'll remember you".
Natalie Albon aka:Fitzpatrick Cousin November 13, 2008
Gerry & Becky Hicks Friends October 26, 2008
Simon J Wilson Friend October 22, 2008
My condolences to all of Curt's family and friends.

My God bless you all and ease your pain, and keep in mind, one day, you'll be together again.

Dear Curt,

It is has been a pleasure to be around you, I only knew you for short period of time; but I will always remember you and the dinners that we had, together with Scott, Debby, Rose and Gloria. You will be sorely missed.

Your friend,

Debbie WIlson Friend October 21, 2008

My condolences to all of Curt's family and friends. In the short time that I knew Curt he was a great freind and made our "dinner group" here is San Diego much more fun. He will be sorely missed and I am grateful for the short time we had together.


dan and karen Family October 12, 2008

Hope that each day will get better. Thinking of you always.

Our Love and Friendship to all of you.


Dan and Karen Fenske

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